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"Keep Your Head Up High", by Chicago's Nick Santillan.
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Reviews & Interviews that have been written about our label and the people behind it. As with several other areas of our site, more still to come...

Morgan Page - Take Me Back EP - Urbnet (Canada)

Take Me back settles in for a deep ride along a stretch of haunting surreal vocals. The lingering synth lines bounce with the ferocious throbbing kick & bass. Morganís style paints a dark picture but it has soul and life every step of the way. Roller Days skips through a happier side of house with a mellower attitude and soft Latin guitars amongst the ambient back drop. Catch Me drives it a bit harder and faster with a pace that is still appreciable. The syncopated rhythms fashion a dream sequence loaded with hovering chords and a fat bass line. Iíve enjoyed the continuous emergence into the realm of deep techouse but this by far has been the most satisfying this year from Morgan. - [Oxide]
CPEN & JT Donaldson - Spread The Groove EP - Urbnet (Canada)

Spread The Groove finds us knee deep in a fields of graceful keys and sultry organs blaring out a sweet shaking piece from this duo. Both hailing from Americaís hot bed of Texas they sure can push out a funky non stop booty moving track that has more energy than most big room house tracks these days. Sifting in and out thereís delayed pads only to surface somewhere unexpected. Return To Now filters in and out of waves of deepness trotting along an open road of smooth pads to materialize and bring forth an orchestration of chimes and a soft build into a slamming reentry. The track goes onto change up with a more dark moody appearance adding shadowy blips amongst poppy pads. I Go Crazy might take you for a ride, itís 80ís influenced sounds create a jingle that you thought may have died off years ago but it has a fun side as well with the sly bass line and vocal effects. - [Oxide]
Dan Kurzius - Gibberish EP - Magic Feet (UK)

Late Night founder, Dan Kurzius gets some press with his realease of the Gibberish EP on Late Night's sister label Sidereal Records.

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Hard Sync Review - House Attack (Germany)

Barely 3 issues out and Hard Sync starts making waves on the European front. It was an honor to be mentioned along side the likes Of Heather Hart's Under One Sky imprint.

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Interview with Atlanta Zine - Creative Loafing (US)

Creative Loafing writer and long time friend of LNE camp, Carter Tracey chats with dK about his past, present and thoughts about the futhure. Article originally published in September of 1998.

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Mark Verbos & dK Talk Gear - Massive Magazine (US)

dK had the pleasure of driving down to Winter Music Conference in Miami with Mark Verbose and Rich Devine. Several random discussions and photos from along the way ended up in the next edition of Mark's Massive column.

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Hard Sync/Sidereal Article - Loop Magazine (Germany)

Written by Andy Vaz, a look into all the stuff going on within Hard Sync, Sidereal, and the newly formed Late Night Essentials camp.

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