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LNEDC presents:
"Keep Your Head Up High", by Chicago's Nick Santillan.
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Adam Smith

Adam SmithAdam could have been a member of a garage band, had it not been for Richie Hawtin. Once upon a time, Adam stumbled upon a Richie Hawtin mix CD by mere chance and that became a pivotal moment in his life. He began to listen to and study the sounds of Hawtin and Detroit from that point on.

A native Atlantan, Adam also found himself hanging out with likeminded friends who had a knack for pointing out the latest records and artists that ranged from Romanthony to Woody McBride and beyond, which only served to draw Adam deeper into his new-found hobby. His discerning ear for dance music soon compelled him to begin DJing. That was around 1995, and Adam is now an emerging talent on the Atlanta club scene and is learning the ropes of production. "Modern technology has made the music studio a very accessible thing for a lot of people," he explains, excited to finally build his own studio.

Influenced by Kraftwerk, Laurent Garnier, UR, Carl Craig and Richie Hawtin, Adam's style runs from Detroit techno to minimalist Berlin and back to the sounds of Chicago. He's played numerous clubs and events, from Nomenclature to MJQ to Crescent Room and is currently part of Dan Kurzius' Late Night Essentials family of artists. Says Adam when asked which is his favorite style of electronic music, "I love electronic music, period. I love it all so much, it drives me nuts that I can't afford to buy everything good that I hear."

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