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LNEDC presents:
"Keep Your Head Up High", by Chicago's Nick Santillan.
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dKLabel founder, Dan Kurzius's passion for electronic music started in Dallas Texas with the purchase of a few records in the late 80s. Inspired by electronic sounds from artists such as Nitzer Ebb, Baby Ford, Virgo, Derrick May and electronic pop by Depeche Mode and New Order, Dan's record collection grew large quickly, as did his desire to spin tracks at house parties.

The Dallas music scene in the early 90s provided the prime outlet for his new-found passion. Bill's Records always stocked the latest in house and techno and was the hub for a budding electronic music social scene. The Hazy Days Collective hosted serious parties, and clubs such as SOA popped up with DJ greats such as Derrick Carter, Spencer Kincey, etc regularly ripping up the dance floors. Further moved by music coming out of Detroit and Chicago, Dan began producing which allowed him to step beyond the mix and dig deeper into a track's composition.

Also around this time Dan co-founded an electronic fan zine called Hard Sync. Started back in 1994 by Gerard Hansen (aka Convextion) and Dan Kurzius, Hard Sync was a fanzine dedicated to electronic music reviews and artist interviews. Now defunct, because of a computer crash back in 1996, Hard Sync was an outlet for several Texas based electronic music enthusiasts to reach out to others around the world that shared similar musical interests.

In Atlanta these days, Dan's taste in music draws deeply on his roots in vocally-influenced Chicago and deep, futuristic Detroit. Moody, unique rhythms combining live guitar, keyboard and emotional vocals permeate his label's music, moving one to the dance floor on a subconscious level. After starting Sidereal in 1994, Late Night Essentials is his latest label, combining deep and danceable grooves from JT Donaldson, Cpen, Kai Alce, Morgan Page, Jussi-Pekka Parikka, John Dahlbäck and Chicago native Nick Santillan.

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