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JT Donaldson

JT DonaldsonJT Donaldson has been producing since the birth of Dallas' Fairpark Records in 1997. He has produced deep, soulful house music for labels such as Cajual, Cyclo, Distance, Seasons, Push & Pull, and Viva to name a few. He has worked with artists like Lance DeSardi, Cpen, Tim Shumaker of Home and Garden, Sandy Rivera of K.O.T., Chris Nazuka, Lo Soul, The Freaks, and house legend Chez Damier.

As a co-founder and in house producer for Fairpark, JT moved to Chicago from Dallas after the label took a hiatus. After recording an album for Seasons in Los Angeles, he moved again, this time to the left coast where he was working with Lance DeSardi and Chris Penny aka Cpen. Currently he resides in Chicago where he has started his new record label with co-owner Tim Shumaker called, Gallery Music Group.

He has been able to share the music through DJing, producing, and now with his new label featuring remixers and artists like 2nd Shift, Home & Garden, Derrick Carter, Lance DeSardi, PTy LTd, Slater Hogan & John Larner, and Joshua.

JT’ s music has been in demand world wide and has taken him to places like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea, Germany, Norway, France, Belgium, Turkey, The U.K. and many others.


Booking Info: Music 2 Productions


EPs / LPs:
  • JT Donaldson - Fist Fulla Jeah E.P. [Fairpark]
  • JT Donaldson - Spies E.P. [Fairpark]
  • JT Donaldson - Money Flowers E.P. [Fairpark]
  • JT Donaldson - 2nd Shift E.P. [Fairpark]
  • JT Donaldson - Decked Out E.P. [Fairpark]
  • JT Donaldson - DIY Remixes Of "Lemondrops" [Fairpark]
  • JT Donaldson - Duality E.P. w/ Spencer Kincy [Cajual/Juice Bar/Balance]
  • JT Donaldson - Changing Times 12" [Cajual/Juice Bar/Balance]
  • JT Donaldson - Chez Damier "Close" (Remix) [Cajual/Juice Bar/Balance]
  • JT Donaldson - Duality E.P. w/ Spencer Kincy [Cyclo]
  • JT Donaldson - Back To You E.P. [Cyclo]
  • JT Donaldson - Revolutions Sampler E.P./ CD [Cyclo]
  • JT Donaldson - Transitions E.P. [Earth Recordings]
  • JT Donaldson - Fred Everything (Remix) "Mamma" [Earth Recordings]
  • JT Donaldson - Quiet Life E.P. w/ Chris Nazuka [Nordic Trax]
  • JT Donaldson - 2nd Shift E.P. [Seasons]
  • JT Donaldson - Upcoming 2nd Shift L.P. [Seasons]
  • JT Donaldson - Dialect 12" "Sitting In The Sun" [Distance]
  • JT Donaldson - Chez Damier "Close" (Remixes) [Distance]

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