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Jussi-Pekka Parikka

Jussi-Pekka ParikkaFinnish DJ and Producer Jussi-Pekka (aka J-P Parikka and Jussipekka) has been into electronic music since he was 11. He bought his first records when he turned 18 and it wasn't long before he was producing with muilt tracks and 8 bit samples. By the late 90's, with the help of modern Technics equipment and lots of time spent producing during the long, snowy winters, he had gigs all over Finland and Europe.

Initially inspired by artists such as Richie Hawtin and Richard D. James, Jussi-Pekka has come to be known for a unique sound that borrows from influences like basic channel-style techno and deep groovy house. Blending these elements together, he creates a smooth vibe in the studio and on dance floors for both techno and house audiences. When asked what his ideal DJ experience is, he doesn't choose any one type of music or club setting. His favorite place to DJ is anywhere, as long as he has "good equipment and a good mood in the crowd".

To date, Jussi-Pekka has released two 12" releases on Steve Bug's Dessous label: The Breeze & Fun EPs and the Dancing Queen EP on Steve Bug's Poker Flat. He has also released music on labels such as Tekha "Silly Spider" and "Iltapala" on Stir15's Cityslickers Vol. 2 Compilation. His track entitled "Machines" appears on the "Northern Lights' Blues CD Compilation by Slip 'n Slide.

Even though he plays mostly deep, dubby tech-house, he has a place for driving techno in his heart. "I don't play music I don't like. Some DJs do it for the money, but I do it to support the music I love" he says. "Even if I'm playing a techno-set, I still like to keep it deep. If the music has no soul, I won't play it".


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EPs / LPs:
  • Jussi-Pekka Parikka - Breeze [Dessous Recordings]
  • Jussi-Pekka Parikka - Fun [Dessous Recordings]
  • Jussi-Pekka Parikka - Dancing Queen [Poker Flat]
  • Jussi-Pekka Parikka - Tekha [Casa Rosso Recordings]
  • Jussi-Pekka Parikka - Tekha [Maelstrom Records]
  • Shuffle & Melina 44170EP - People (Jussipekka Finnmiks) [Vuo Records]
  • Aquatique - Sweetdreams (Jussi Pekka Remix) [Toscana]
  • John Dahlbäck - Strip Down (Jussi Pekka's clothed mix) [Late Night Essentials]
  • Blueprints Volume 3 - One Life (Original Mix) [Slip 'n' Slide]
  • Various - Machines on Northern Lights [Slip 'n' Slide]
  • Various - Erotic Moments In House Volume 2 [Dessous Recordings]
  • Various - Forced on Chica Disco Vol. 1 [Chica Discos]
  • Iltapala on Allstar Alliance - City Slickers Volume 2 [STIR15 Recordings]
  • Various - Too Cold on The Finnish Tournament [Poker Flat]
  • Jussi-Pekka Parikka/John Dahlbäck - Crossed Wires EP [Late Night Essentials]

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